You can live in the home while it is being renovated – Sometimes it can be difficult or simply too expensive to move house while you are renovating. We understand this, that is why we have developed a process for keeping you and your family safe and happy living in your home while we renovate. We just hope that you are morning people for the duration of the project as we do like to start our work days very bright and early!

There will be instances where living at home during the build won’t always work, though where possible we do like to section the house off, provide secondary access and undertake daily tasks to ensure your home is clean and safe. The times when it will be impossible to live in the home, some examples include when the house is being raised and is positioned on sties or a second storey is being added. As the house is not tied down, and a roof may be removed, it would not be safe for living in, there will also be no plumbing or electrical facilities (i.e. toilet, shower, power access). This is not the only instance where a home may not be habitable, but there are alternatives that some owners have taken on. Such as camping in the backyard, with temporary amenities (shower, toilet, power) hired on site.

Things to consider:

  1. You should consider that a builder will need to take into account the labour for disconnection and reconnection of water and electricity, such as during demolition and again for varying renovation stages, in order to facilitate your needs while living in the home. This may add to the cost of the construction a small amount, depending on the extent of works being completed.
  2. You should also consider whether you are up to the challenge and extra time it takes for daily activities when you are “roughing it”.
  3. Can you stand the dust and dirt? This is a component of any build, and as much as we can clean and sweep up general messes, when concrete slabs are exposed they generate dust daily, and mud can still enter the home from foot traffic. So be prepared to either clean regularly or live with things being a bit dirty for a while.
  4.  Do you have small children? Where kids are involved, many aspects of a building site can be exciting and all they want to do is explore and touch. However there may be such things as nails, screws and glass particles on the ground, or reinforcing steel exposed while slabs are prepared. A builder is not liable for any personal injury that you encounter while living on the property, as access cannot be closed off to all areas. Despite cleaning measures and fencing areas that really shouldn’t be accessed, this isn’t always enough. For example, for some time you may have to walk through an area under construction to access your temporary living quarters.